“What have you done for your fellow man?”

No one has ever become poor by giving.” ―Anne Frank

This holiday will not be easy for me. It has been three years not speaking to my mother. And each year has been just fine celebrating Easter with my husband and son. My son has come home from university with friends who couldn’t get back themselves because of the distance with their families. The door has been open with us. We have also had good friends that come as well, but this year, they are in Florida.

My son has an important exam coming up after Easter, so it will be a quiet one for us. Continue reading ““What have you done for your fellow man?””

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Songs – No More Bullying!

Music affects us. Deeply. And I thought it was important to post a few songs that can really help motivate and make us feel good. I will forget a few I’m sure.

Let me tell you if you are reading this: You are worthy. You are loved. Do not let anybody tell you differently. Do not let “bullies” get to you.

I was bullied… relentlessly. I know what it feels like. Stay strong! Continue reading “Songs – No More Bullying!”

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