Complex PTSD is different than PTSD

More and more people want to know about Complex PTSD. I am not a medical professional, therapist or doctor. I am writing what I’ve learned and researched.

…the symptoms of PTSD do not really seem to completely describe the psychological harm, emotional problems, and changes in how people view themselves and the world following chronic traumatic exposure. Therefore, some mental health professionals believe that we should distinguish between the type of PTSD that develops from chronic, long-lasting traumatic events, and the type of PTSD that results from short-lived events. —

To start, there is a lot of overlap with PTSD vs C-PTSD. I will try and explain the differences in what I’ve researched. 

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Are you the scapegoat in your family?

So, this blog post is long overdue. I have often tweeted about scapegoating, but I think it warrants a blog post since so many people that I’ve connected with are fellow “goats”.

The story comes from the Bible. In the Old Testament, Leviticus 16 there is a goat that was mortally sacrificed, and another that was cast to the wilderness. This goat was to carry all the sins of his tribe. The goat was chosen to carry away the “sins of man” so it would release all the tribe members of their guilt. Continue reading “Are you the scapegoat in your family?”

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