Anti-Semitism is on the rise. This must stop!

In spite of all the terrible things that happened to me, I did not allow Hitler to make me feel less than human. I had been raised well and I knew who I was. My strategy was not to allow myself to hate. I knew I could be consumed by such hate.
― Jack Mandelbaum

I watched the news last night. I heard something alarming. “One-third” of Europeans have no knowledge of the Holocaust. I heard that one-tenth of Americans had no knowledge of it either.

Are you kidding me?

One of my parents is Jewish. One of my grandparents was a war hero and fought in WWII. He won medals. I brought up my son to know everything about the Holocaust. We watched Schindler’s List together. We have watched many documentaries on the war.

One of the most incredible documentaries we watched was, “Inheritance”. It was the documentary of a woman called Monika Hertwig. Her father was the evilest nazi. His name was Amon Goeth. He was a monster. He was inhuman. He was the Nazi who was the commandant of the concentration camp Plaszow. He murdered thousands of Jews and prisoners during the war.

Monika heard her father was portrayed in the movie Schindler’s List. She went to see it. During the movie, Monika had to leave the theatre more than once when she watched it. Her mother had told her that father died in the war. Her mother had kept the truth from her. She was plagued with guilt from what her father did.

To help her try and understand the truth and deal with her emotions of guilt, Monica contacts Helen Jona. She was a slave for Goeth for two years and his maid. Monika reaches out to her and two women meet. They go to the concentration camp together. Watch it. Compelling!

It is heart-wrenching. It is a movie I watched with my son. He needed to know about his roots.  

My son was taught that if he ever witnessed any kind of hate and bullying, to take a stand. My son grew up very aware of the war.

I often tweet my messages quoting the survivors of the Holocaust. They survived the vilest atrocities I have ever seen. We must never forget what hate can do. We must never forget the lives lost. We must start to educate our children about what we have learned from our past.

  • I do not hate people because of their religion.
  • I do not hate people because of their skin colour.
  • I do not hate people because of their sexual choice.
  • I do not hate people because they speak differently.
  • I do not hate people because of the way they dress.
  • I do not hate. Only haters hate.

People with empathy get angry at injustice. That is not hating. Anger is good. Anger at injustice is good. There is a difference.

Elie Wiesel, a survivor of the Holocaust has said, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

According to an article from one-third of Europeans said Jewish people use the Holocaust to advance their positions or goals. It is disheartening to read these stats.

In Germany, they teach the children in schools about what their ancestors did. What is going on with the rest of the world? Come on! We must educate!

So, please, educate your children on the Holocaust. And show them the heart-wrenching pictures of what “hate” can do.

This is a wonderful segment from W5. It is a must watch!



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