Hope. Never lose hope.

A poem to lift you up!

The holidays can be a very trying time. Especially Christmas.

This is the third Christmas that I have not seen or heard from my mother. But things are getting easier.

It has been a struggle, but I have risen above the madness.

So, for anyone who is struggling, I want to send you a poem. It was written by John McLeod. He was disabled since he was a child.

John began writing poetry to help him cope and deal with all the difficulties he had in life.

I read John’s poem and was so moved. It uplifted me. John passed away in August 2006. But his words continue. Listen to the poem. I hope it lifts you up, as it did with me. 

Do Not Forget To Hope 
Poet: John McLeod ©1982

Do not forget to hope
Though Time spins fleeting on
There is a place for all
To view the promised dawn
When Life’s full test have run
Like rivers to the sea
Do not forget to hope
And happy be.

Do not forget to hope
For even when one’s life
Seems burdened down with care
And melancholy strife
Remember how the gulls
Soar beautiful and free?
Do not forget to hope
And happy be.

Do not forget to hope
Nor rise above the gloom
All colours, as they say,
Are needed on Life’s Loom,
And ‘dark before the dawn’
Is truth that all may see?
Do not forget to hope
And happy be.

Peace my friends.

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