I Cry — Every Day


I recently watched Real Time with Bill Maher and Bill’s last guest was the comedian, Louis Anderson. Bill said to Louis that he heard he cries every day. My ears perked up.

Louis told the story that his mother, who has now passed, protected all eleven children from their abusive alcoholic father, “… she stood between him and us, and she saved us, I mean she deflected, protected and then also fed us…” he said. The conversation leads to a joke about why Louis is so fat. “It’s the elephant in the room,” he said. I laughed so hard. Continue reading “I Cry — Every Day”

Helping Casey | Helping Others

In Grade 6 It Started

I’d had a little taste of “helping others” when I had helped a boy in class in Grade 6. He was writing holding his pen so hard his hand shook and the letters were completely jagged. I had done the same thing. My hand was so tense when writing; my middle finger got a bump on it. It’s still there today – I will never get selected for hand modelling.

I went over to Brian and held his hand and told him to relax. I guided his hand so he didn’t write with so much tension. His letters started to get smoother. I guided Brian, every day, to help him write better. Helping others gave me a good feeling and I started to learn it was a key to my healing and important in my life. Continue reading “Helping Casey | Helping Others”