My Story

This site is my personal blog. One of the struggles. One of the triumphs. A journey of ups and downs. One that I would like to share.

Rising above a childhood of bullying and neglect has been challenging. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with PTSD. My childhood was buried but came back into my life when an aunt passed away a few years ago. I never knew what CPTSD was until it was explained to me by my psychologist. I had no control over my symptoms.

For years, I was told my pain didn’t matter. I was told that the abuse I received was inconsequential. I was told I would never get over my trauma until I “forgive and forget”.

And for years, I was told that I was over-sensitive. But now, all these years later, I’ve learned that old beliefs like “sticks and stones” and “time will heal old wounds” are not true.

I was also brought up to believe that psychological abuse was not as damaging as sexual or physical abuse. But as I started on my mental health journey, I started to read studies that stated that was simply not true. It is another “old” belief. I was also brought up to believe that just because I didn’t have scratches or bruises, there was no physical abuse. Again, I now have learned that is simply not true.

Old beliefs; I am not buying it anymore.

So, I have had to dive into my past. I had no choice. But, as I did, I started to see how my past affected me in my adult years. I started to see how I had a hard time managing my emotions. I was hyper-vigilant. I learned another term—emotional dysregulation. A very important term for psychologists.

So, I researched and learned. I met with psychologists. I educated myself.

So, now I am on a new journey. I have started to educate others on Adverse Childhood Experiences, Attachment Theory, Psychological and Emotional Abuse, and the hidden types of physical abuse—Tickle Torture and Silent Treatment. And a big one—Childhood Emotional Neglect.

Breaking the “stigma”

This site is written for those who might have experienced the same type of abuse and neglect that I did. Understand that your pain matters. My pain matters.