The Cockroach

Once upon, long time ago there was a family of cockroaches. They all liked to spend time together in the dark.

Every morning when the light started to come out, they ran into the dark. They didn’t like the light. They preferred to stay in the dark.

One cockroach decided she would try and see what it was like in the light. She didn’t like staying in the dark. She found it very depressing.

So, she decided to leave the pack. The pack didn’t like that she wanted to venture into the light. They decided they wouldn’t talk to her anymore.

But, she knew something was missing in her life. She knew there was something more than the dark. She didn’t believe what they said. They had told her the dark was better than the light.

“You will die if you go into the light,” they warned her.

The pack all said that she was crazy. They said she was a traitor for wanting to try to live in the light.

But she didn’t care. She just knew that there was something more than all that darkness.

All the cockroaches continued to talk about her. They all spoke amongst themselves.

But she stood her ground. It was scary for her to venture out of her comfort zone to see what the light would feel like.

The sun started to rise, and the cockroach stayed very quiet. She had no idea what was going to happen. She knew she was taking a risk never knowing what sunlight felt on her, but she kept listening to her instincts.

She laid quiet. The sun’s rays started to touch her little shell.

It felt good. She couldn’t believe how good the sun felt. She was excited and in awe. How could she have not done this before? She questioned how could she have listened to all those other cockroaches that said the dark was better.

She soaked in the sun. She realized her courage to overcome her fear of the light brought her to a better place. She also knew no matter what she said to the other cockroaches; they wanted to remain in the dark.

She remains in the sunlight, enjoying its warmth. Does she miss the other cockroaches? Yes. But she enjoys the sunshine better.


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