A Journey of Understanding Trauma and Healing my Inner Child

My Courage to Tell

Testimonial from Nancy Bourque—Amazon Review

Must read book for school counselors, parents and anyone who has been bullied for any reason.Laura Corbeth author of My Courage to Tell is the most courageous woman to be able to come forward with the bullying and abuse she tolerated by her brother as a child. This book is one I couldn’t put down. It’s a story that needs to be told as there are many who may have tolerated bullying, torture, or controlled by an older brother. Whether or not you have been bullied to the extent that Laura was, you need to read this book in preparation for someone who may come forward and need someone safe to talk to. It’s time that we allow our feelings and experiences come to the forefront and quit holding these situations in. It’s not healthy to any degree. In my opinion I think this book should be read by every school counselor and parents. It’s time we wake up and listen to what young children have to say and pay attention to the type of behavior going on in your home. These bullies need to be stopped… even if it is in your home. There is help available for the one being bullied and the bully . Please don’t let yourself or someone close to you live with the shame and guilt that bullying in the home can cause. I could write so much more, but I hope all of you will take the time to get this book and read it immediately. Bullying of any type is inexcusable, but in your own home and to a young child is even more painful. Thank you Laura for a very personal and difficult book to write! You are an incredible inspiration to myself and others!

Knowledge is power!

Childhood trauma affects us long-term.

Inner Child Healing

Unless we heal our inner critic and embrace our inner child, we will continue to feel isolated and alone. Join me in our quest to healing our inner child.