I had always wanted to rescue a dog and Harley was the first. Harley had just been dropped off by the rescue people. He was skinny and came walking down our driveway with a little white, fuzzy toy in his mouth. “This dog is brilliant,” the lady from the rescue organization had told me just a few hours earlier. “I’ve rescued a lot of dogs in my life, but this guy is amazing,” she continued.

—My Courage to Tell

Dogs and Animals

How healing are our pets? Extremely. And rescuing animals has been a passion for many years. I have loved them so much. We have rescued 5 animals, and have fostered dogs as well. Don’t underestimate how healing animals can be. How a person treats an animal, is all I need to know.

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The Rescue Mission
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I gave you my house,
When you were alone
When I walk through the door
It now feels like home
Tail wagging and waiting
Our bond quickly grew
Such unconditional love
Who rescued who?

—Asha the Rescue