A Page Turner for Healing Trauma

My Courage to Tell by Laura Corbeth demonstrates how traumatic psychological abuse truly is. She bravely walks the reader through her horrific childhood through adulthood sharing the nonstop gaslighting, manipulation, and harassment of her older brother. As an abuse survivor from a toxic birth family, I related to everything Laura wrote. It truly opened up my eyes to see how covert my own sister was during my childhood and why I eventually went no contact with her as well as my entire dysfunctional family. I can empathize with Laura about her mother taking the brother’s side and always falling for his fabricated excuses. It’s frustrating when a parent does not protect their child, listen to them, and validate what they’re going through, especially when it’s any form of physical, mental, spiritual, or sexual abuse. Another red flag that Laura mentioned in her story is to be aware of when someone is intentionally hurting animals, including cats, dogs, frogs, rabbits, and so on. Animal brutality is clearly a psychological illness and very cruel. I loved that Laura shared her experience about her trauma-informed therapist as well as she added the therapeutic steps that she took during her healing journey. If you have experienced any form of abuse, including narcissistic abuse, this book is a must read. It will help you to understand that you are not going crazy and you need to listen to your gut instincts. I highly recommend this captivating story, which will empower you to have the courage to speak up and create your own healthy boundaries.

— Dana A., Amazon

A Wonderful Book. A Must Read!

This an excellent read. It made me aware of issues that I didn’t even realize I had. I had the feelings, trigger points, etc., but didn’t realize what caused them until I read this book. I’ve been through years of therapy…YEARS and it wasn’t until I read Laura’s book that I finally understood many things in my life that I couldn’t put into words to a therapist.

Have the tissues close, you are going to need them, well at least I did. This book was tremendously helpful for me. Read it, then tell your friends to buy it and read it.

— Dennis Clements, Amazon

Laura’s Book Had A Significant Impact On My Life

This book had a significant impact on my life. I have never heard someone talk about psychological abuse and people who are a bully in the way that Laura did. She shared her struggle in a way that helped me see that I am not the only one who has gone through this. Yes, I know I had other challenges, but psychological abuse impacts you in different ways. It is a silent attacker that leaves many scars. Rarely do I finish a book this quickly, but I could not put this down. It is an easy and flowing read.

So much in the book resonated with me because I was tormented by more than one person. Thank you, Laura, for sharing your story because it has helped me see things differently. I highly recommend this book especially if you have dealt with a bully in your life or psychological abuse.

— Don Shetterly, Author of Hope and Possibility Through Trauma (As seen on Oprah and Dr. Drew)

Thought it was excellent

I just finished reading this book and thought it was excellent. One of the hallmarks to me of a good book is that you either don’t want it to end, or have questions you desperately want to ask the author. This book left me with both feelings. I truly think reading this book will help others who have had a similar experience, parents and teachers to recognize when a child is struggling, and professionals to better understand what some of their patients are going through.

— Dr. Liam Marshall, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

Beautifully Written and Heartfelt Book

Laura shared this book with me ahead of her interview on my podcast. Laura’s story is heartfelt, personal, and inspirational for anyone who experienced emotional and/or psychological abuse as a child. Laura’s courage and commitment to this silent, yet devastating form of trauma is greatly appreciated. My Courage to Tell is a must read!

—  Dr. Berney Wilkenson, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Psychological Associates of Central Florida

Laura gives hope and inspiration to those who are going through or have been through something similar.

In this book Laura Corbeth describes the emotional and psychological abuse she was subjected to while growing up. Laura is testimony to the power of the human spirit in overcoming such adversity.  Her strength, resilience and subsequent healing are a powerful light in this world. Laura gives hope and inspiration to those who are going through or have been through something similar. Laura’s journey has been the catalyst for her spiritual transformation and she now focuses on helping others through sharing what she’s been through.

—Dr Penny Sartori, author of The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences

Very Interesting Story about Endurance and Triumph

Many have endured childhood bullying but one must imagine living all day, every day with a bully to have an idea of how destructive that could be. My Courage to Tell is a page-turner about how the author survived years of constant abuse, how she confronted her tormentor and how she was able to move on to live a happy, productive life.

It’s uncomfortable knowing someone went through such traumatic events but Ms. Corbeth’s descriptive style takes the reader on this journey. She introduced stories from her past that grabbed my attention and I, therefore, found myself glued to the pages. One such story involved a poor Scottish aunt who died somewhat famous in NYC, a severe hoarder without a will. How did she get to America? How did she get her money? Why did she become a hoarder? What happened to her wealth? I wanted to know yet known, in the context of this story, the answers would be unsettling.

My Courage to Tell will be of special interest to those whom have endured abuse/bullying and/or enjoy real-life stories of survival and healing.

—Dr. S.B. MacKenzie, B.Sc., MBA, PhD

This book was very helpful for me discovering my MH issues and who to go to for help.

This book I am sure was very helpful to Laura Corbeth to write and it has been a game changer for me as well. As I too have suffered abuse from the beginning of life. I had never even heard of Complex PTSD before! It just makes so much more sense to me. Now I have the right information to look for a therapist that can help me overcome my triggers. I am not self diagnosing but it won’t be a surprise if that turns out to be the issue. Thanks to Laura for her bravery in writing this book.

—Amazon Customer

Inspiring and Relatable Page Turner

Laura Corbeth’s book, My Courage to Tell, is beautifully written harrowing story of one child’s (Laura) struggle with psychological and emotional abuse brought upon her by the hands of her brother. Laura takes her readers on an emotional and informative journey.

Married to a loving and protective husband and mother to a beautiful son, Laura thought the abuse she endured as a child could be forgotten as she moved on with her life. However, life threw a curve ball at Laura and she soon found herself going down an unexpected path when she received word of a death in the family. The unexpected circumstances surrounding the death would require her to face her abuser as an adult and revisit her childhood memories and emotions that were cast out to the far corners of her mind. Did her brother change and turn away from his abusive behavior? Or did he still posses the vile demeanor that tormented Laura as a child?

My Courage to Tell unlocks the complex problems and misunderstandings associated with childhood psychological, and emotional abuse. Her story offers great hope to those healing from similar childhood traumas. Her insight and compassion provides a true-to-life story that offers hope and empowerment to her readers. This book is an emotionally gripping story that needs to be told. And deserves to be heard. Laura’s story is unforgettable, brilliant, and most importantly, courageous.

In the book Laura states, “I am a victim who turned into a survivor.” Anyone who reads her story will soon discover that she is far more than a survivor. She is a victim turned survivor turned advocate. She is not just surviving. Her story is one of advocacy. She shared her story with everyone in hopes to bring a heightened awareness with regard to the signs and long lasting effects of childhood psychological and emotional abuse, personality disorders, and mental illness.

Stories of abuse, such as Laura’s, are not easy stories to tell. A great amount of courage and strength is required to put pen to paper because she is not just writing about her experiences for her readers, she is reliving those experiences.

The strength and courage she displays in her work brought tears to my eyes. Not because I’m saddened by her story. Rather, her story brings me hope and inspiration.

Little Laura, it was a pleasure to meet you.

—Amazon customer

Laura writes about her own history of being bullied.

I liked the book My Courage To Tell, because it deals with the psychological and physical abuse of Laura Corbeth by her brother. I found it to be well written, and that Laura is honest about what took place in her childhood. I found it interesting that her parents didn’t believe that her brother was abusing Laura.

—Donna Hudson, Amazon customer

Identifying signs of trauma

Laura has been incredibly brave in taking responsibility for turning her life around. This type of psychological abuse is so hidden. It is now known that we have to be able to identify a problem to be able to both accept it and find the right support for emotional health. Trust is key.

Laura will help people to identify the signs of abuse which are so insidious it is hard to recognise them. She also identifies signs of worrying behaviour in children and will help people to understand that early trauma can stay with people their whole life and be hugely damaging without intervention. I wish her luck and love in her life.

—Linda Davies, Amazon customer

Highly Recommended

This is a well written book with a lot of emotion. Very supportive for those who have suffered some form of abuse. But also very educational for parents to be aware of potential abuse among siblings. A must read for all. Highly recommended.

—Michael Valentine

Intriguing awesome read

Laura’s sense of despair so strongly felt throughout her story evolved to a beautiful sense of self and peace for both Laura and the reader. Laura spoke to me as she told her story in a “true to self” way.


A Page-Turner

My Courage to Tell is a well-written account of one brave little girl’s abuse at the hand of her older brother. Though the abuse resurfaces in adulthood, Corbeth proves her resilience in this page-turner. Along with Corbeth’s struggles, I found the story about her Aunt fascinating yet heartbreaking. A particular quote from the book really hit home for me and I think is applicable to so many situations, “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories.” I read this moving story via Kindle Unlimited.

—Amazon customer

Sad and Yet Beneficial

I recently read Laura’s book & found it very sad & yet extremely beneficial to those who have been through similar situations.I’m sure that others who have read her book will be able to connect in one way or the other with family abuse. It sure touched a few nerves with myself personally as I also have been through family abuse in many ways as well. It really effects a person in a major way.I am very proud of Laura for reaching out & sharing her journey with others. Congratulations Laura!  Wishing you all the best.

—Jeni Cousins

Great Job of Describing the Feelings of Aloneness

My Courage To Tell is a heartbreaking account of childhood emotional abuse reinforcing to the reader children’s acute need for the protective shelter from the adults in their life in order to thrive and develop into healthy individuals. The book does a great job of describing the feelings of aloneness and extreme vulnerability a child feels when “abandoned” by those who are supposed to love them most. My Courage To Tell is also a testimony to the resilient human spirit that enabled the author to overcome the hurt from the abuse and to heal. It is my hope that this book might provide support to others who also require to heal from the neglect and emotional abandonment during their growing-up years.

—Gisele, Amazon Customer