Become a Warrior

Healing your inner child, the injured child takes courage. We can begin to heal once we validate the child within that awaits our embrace.

—Laura Corbeth

Truth and Courage Win over Fear

A little story:

“How are you doing today?” True Self asked.

“I’m doing okay, I think,” Fear replied.

“So, why do you have a problem with telling the truth?” True Self asked.

“Because I heard a whole lot of lies growing up that I have to get rid of,” Fear replied to True Self.

“What are those?” True Self asked.

“That I am not supposed to tell and I am not to make ‘waves’.”

“But you are only telling the truth,” True Self said to Fear.

“I know,” Fear replied to True Self, “but I was told when I was little, it was wrong to talk about your feelings. Also, I was told that I was not to talk about family secrets. It is hard.”

“But you can’t let that stop you,” True Self said.

“I try. But when I was little, I was also threatened I’d be hurt if I told.”

“That sounds like someone who had hate in their heart,” True Self said.

“Yes, there was a lot of hate,” Fear whispered, “and a lot of that hate was turned into threats.”

“But, you can turn that fear into something good,” True Self informed Fear.

“Really? How?”

“Tell your story for others,” True Self said, “and they can learn from your story. Others will feel that they are not alone.”

“That sounds like a worthy cause.”

“Then when you do that, we can change your name to Love,” True Self said.

“I will be brave. I will be a warrior,” Fear said proudly to True Self.

“Good for you,” True Self smiled. “You have officially become a warrior. And we can turn your name into Love.”