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Covert Incest

A healthy family system has clear separation between adults and children.” When there is no separation, an emotionally toxic relationship forms. —Dr. Patricia Love Emotional/Covert Incest There no diagnosis for Emotional Incest Syndrome Not often talked about, Emotional/Covert Incest has long-lasting effects. When a parent lacks boundaries, they can rely on a child to fulfill […]

Mothers | Not all are maternal

With insecure attachments, a child unwittingly memorizes the precise lesson of that troubled relationship: that love is suffocation, that anger is terrifying, that dependence is humiliating, or one of a million crippling variations. —Peg Streep Denying the truth doesn’t change the facts I am sitting having my coffee listening to my Reiki healing music. The […]

How Childhood Trauma Can Make You Sick

If you don’t know how to say no, your body will say it for you through physical illnesses. —Dr. Gabor Maté The long-term effects of ACES Life experiences in childhood that are lost in time and then further protected by shame and by secrecy and by social taboos against inquiry into certain realms into human […]

Gaslighting. Simple Evil.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. wikipedia Gaslighting is Simply Evil. So many people ask me what Gaslighting is. I recently tweeted back to the […]

Dogs Matter Too!

Share This! Leave your dog home on hot days. For a dog, left in a hot car – in just a short time – it can be harmful, and even life-threatening. Dogs are not able to release heat by sweating, like a human does, so their internal body temperature rises more quickly. Remember: Even in […]

Lies. Lies. Lies.

Behaviorally, we show that the extent to which participants engage in self-serving dishonesty increases with repetition. LIES. When someone deliberately lies to hurt… Science! Brain scans! Dishonesty begins early. This is all is very interesting to me. Studies now show how lying begins early and I get that! I was a victim of “lies” upon “lies” […]

Become a Warrior

Healing your inner child, the injured child takes courage. We can begin to heal once we validate the child within that awaits our embrace. —Laura Corbeth Truth and Courage Win over Fear A little story: “How are you doing today?” True Self asked. “I’m doing okay, I think,” Fear replied. “So, why do you have […]

Tickle Torture

“TICKLE TORTURE!” my brother screamed. He held me down. I struggled to get away. “Stop!” “Tickle torture,” he laughed. He held down both my arms with his one hand above my head. I struggled to get away. He had his other arm free. He tickled me. I shrieked! I was laughing but screaming. “STOP IT!” […]