Dog Rescue

Volunteering to help abused dogs has been one of my biggest accomplishments in my life.

—Laura Corbeth

Volunteering in dog rescue—Shellie

I have been blessed to work in different roles for a rescue organization. It is not about ego for me. It is about seeing neglected and abused animals come into the hands of wonderful and caring people and get rehabilitated to live successful lives. Maybe it’s therapeutic. I see it that way.

Getting calls from people surrendering a dog, arranging a behavioural analysis and finding a foster home was my first role. I enjoyed it greatly. After the dog was in foster care for a certain amount of time, it could be adopted out. I would cry hearing how the pups would travel home and live out the rest of their days in complete happiness and bliss.

Shellie came into the program. She had bitten twice. She had children constantly teasing her and she had defended herself after she had had enough of the teasing. I felt bad for her. Never protected. Her owners weren’t putting her in a safe place when they had visitors with many children. Kids were teasing and spraying the garden hose on her.

I had the evaluation done on Shellie. She was a good-natured dog. My husband and I decided we would foster her. James and Mitchell drove to pick her up. She was very quiet and sat in the back seat the whole way home. I received pictures of her sitting looking out the window. So calm. She must have been wondering what was going on.

When Shellie arrived she was very quiet. She got along with Chuch and Buddy very well. I was feeling pretty good about her coming into our home.

It wasn’t long before I heard a great roar in the kitchen. Shellie had growled loudly at our cat. Not acceptable. Buddy our cat was friendly, and this was not allowed to happen. My husband took Shellie outside and they had a talk. She knew she had done something wrong. James told Shellie she had better treat our cat with respect or she would need to leave. Now, I understand dogs don’t speak English, but Shellie understood!

Shellie turned out to be the greatest dog. Eventually, she was adopted by wonderful people who gave her a good life. We would regularly visit and Shellie would look at me as if thanking me.

Shellie recently passed away with cancer. She lived a beautiful life that we helped her find. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. I will miss her.

Animals are amazing. Oh, how I have loved helping them. They have helped me heal my heart. Little Laura has told me how unbelievable my grown-up life is. I have created a life that she could only dream about.

A life of purpose.