The Rescue Mission

Bo—our 5th rescue dog. This story didn’t make it to the book as we rescued him after it was published.

—Laura Corbeth

Rescue in New York

Going to bed. Thousand kisses. Waking up. Thousand kisses. Bo, our latest rescue, is very grateful for his new life.

When our rescue cat passed away suddenly a few years ago, my husband and I were devastated. Buddy came from dire circumstances. I told my husband how much I needed to rescue another animal.

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“I can’t. I don’t think I can handle the pain anymore,” James said. Buddy meant the world to him.

I understood James’ point. But I knew he’d change his mind if I could find another rescue. I started looking right away. I thought that if I could find the right rescue mission, James’ heart would melt.

We tried to rescue a few dogs in Canada. One dog was a Yorkie with only one eye. She had been subjected to the cruelty of a puppy mill and had been rescued here in Canada from somewhere in the U.S. We applied to adopt her. No one else had applied for her. The possibility of cancer was high and this poor girl had been used for breeding. Perhaps they found out she had cancer and removed the eye. We didn’t know nor did we care.

The rescue organization got back to us and told us they needed to investigate our house, references, vet and it would take about 2 weeks! I had sent them a very extensive Web site I designed with heartfelt stories and pictures of the rescued dogs we had before; a listing of the dog rescue organization that I had volunteered with for years; personal references; vet references; and still, they needed to “investigate” us. (For two weeks!)

Needless to say, it didn’t work out with this little puppy.

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“Why don’t we look at rescuing a dog directly from the U.S.?” my husband asked me. I was thrilled at the idea and wanted to see if it was possible. When my husband spoke to our vet, we discovered it was a lot easier than we expected.

I started to look.

Within a few days, I saw him. A four-month-old puppy that was abandoned. A Yorkshire-Terrier. I have had very strong dreams my whole life. I had a strong dream and vision of a Yorkie.

We called the rescue organization. We sent them phone numbers to call and pictures of our house. We were approved the same day.

The ten-hour trip

We travelled to our first pit-stop in Niagara Falls the next day to get him—Bo-Bo. I was so excited. There is nothing better than that feeling of wanting to touch that dog that is so desperately waiting for your love. I didn’t sleep all night in the hotel. I was too excited.

The next day we ventured to the US — New York State. It was going to be about 2 1/2 hours to get to Bo. When we arrived at the border, there was a very stern man waiting for us. He asked us what the nature of our trip was. My husband handed him the piece of paper of Bo’s picture and told the agent that we were only crossing the border for a few hours to rescue a puppy. This man’s demeanour changed.

“Oh he’s adorable,” he said with a big smile. He let us through the border. James and I laughed at how the agent changed as soon as he heard about our rescue “mission”.

The pickup

We arrived a few hours after our travel and I walked in the little shed/house that was built by the rescue to see little Bo. He was so beautiful. I could see how shy he was and he was shaking. I fell in love right away. James took his time with Bo— he knew he needed a little time as Bo was so scared. (James is really good when it comes to animals. He is very perceptive.)

The woman who rescued Bo said her goodbyes with tears in her eyes, and we were on our way.

Bowie coming home in the car

I sat in the back seat with Bo in his house. He must have been wondering what the heck was going on. I stroked him and told him that he had just won the lotto.

A few hours later, we arrived at the Canadian border. Bo came out of his house and kissed James. He warmed up to him. The cutest thing ever. We paid our taxes and drove home; tired and happy. 

Bowie at the border.

Loo, our other rescue met Bo when we got home. The two have become the best of friends. Bo is our fourth rescue, and we will continue to help animals and give them a second chance in life.

We enjoy them every day. I’ve realized that saving an animal can help save you. It has helped me heal from my childhood. There are studies that show how beneficial to our health it is!


P.S. Bo eventually grew into his ears.