Feeling Disconnected?

The infant and child who perceives that his needs are unmet may develop an obsessive coping style, anxious about each detail. When such a person fears that he is unable to control events, he experiences great stress.

—Dr. Gabor Maté

Do You Feel Disconnected?

I BELIEVE we are all connected. I believe we are connected with nature. I think we’re connected to a higher Source. 

But, I also believe that we have been duped. Seriously. It is time to wake up and see what has happened in our broken world.


In the 19th century, Karl Marx talked about alienation (being a stranger to)—which is being separated and being a stranger to something. Watching a recent video with Dr. Gabor Maté, he talked about the loss of connection. It makes sense to me. Here is what he spoke about: 

According to Marx, there are four types of alienation:

  • 1st AlienationNature
    Being alienated to nature… destroying nature itself. Are we not seeing this with plastics, garbage and climate change? We are destroying the environment itself. 
  • 2nd AlienationPeople
    We have less contact with people. There is a lack of community. We have little connection with people. Most people are happy NOT to connect, and many of us trust few people. We have fewer relationships. According to Dr. Gabor Maté, this leads to physical and mental illness.
  • 3rd AlienationWork
    Many of us are disconnected from our work. Have you ever tried to phone a large company to fix something? Or walk into a retail store and be completely ignored? We are creatures of the Universe, and we are meant to create. Most of us are alienated from work as we no longer do work that is meaningful to us. Have you ever spoken to someone at a company and felt complete apathy? Human nature is to create. When we are not able to create, it can mean depression, anxiety and meaninglessness. And when we feel our life has no meaning, we then turn to things that will substitute that – our looks, our material things like cars, houses, to fill the void. They are false substitutes. We get hung up on physical achievements. We get hung up on our physical appearance. Society has sold this false idea and preys on selling us these “things” that will make us happy. False substitutes.
  • 4th AlienationOurselves
    Alienated from ourselves. Infants are connected to their gut feelings. In our culture, many of us are separated from who we really are. We do not listen to our gut feelings, which tell us what is right and wrong – they tell us what is dangerous. They tell us what is safe. Truth and false. We have lost a sense of reality.

Guess what? We have become alienated from ourselves. We shut down our true gut feelings. We are disconnected.

The good news is we can reconnect to our true selves. We can reconnect to our true nature. 


Human beings are wired for empathy. It is in us. Empathy is our true nature. Studies show that rats, when shocked in laboratories, are shocked with their feet, they are more stressed by watching other rats being shocked than themselves. 

We are taught in our culture that we are competitive by nature. But it is not true!! We are wired for connection, love, empathy, compassion. 

We need to get back to our true nature. 


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIjvXtZRerY